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How to Manage Your Orders

For your convenience, we have thoroughly developed personal space functionality on our Rock’n’Parts website, and here is a small review of its features for clarity and easy use:

Now we start. The "All Orders" tab displays all your orders created over the selected period of time. There are various filters for easy search.

The following parameters can be used to refine your search.

The filter names mean:

Palced —  are the goods in reserve expecting payment..

Paid — are the orders for which payment has been received..

Packing — are the orders paid for and being picked at the warehouse for dispatch to the customer.

Shipped — are the orders that have been paid for, picked and handed over to the transport company’s courier.

Delivered — are completely processed orders that have been handed over to the carrier.

You may select all if you don’t have too many orders.

Orders can be merged together or deleted. Merging only applies to unpaid active orders in the Registered status.

Active orders stand for all the orders not yet processed to the end,  i.e. not yet delivered to you.

Complited orders — are those that have already been delivered to you. Please remember to see them itemized.

«Warranty Department» — serves for tracking the history of warranty orders and items.

«My Data» — is a tab that enables you to edit your username and password for the site and your personal data: name, phone number and address, and to simply choose a company from the list and register your order.


We are grateful to everyone whose advice and criticism helped use improve the Personal Space; we are creating good quality service together! We shall certainly go ahead.